April 18, 2012

This is Pinterest. Now, calm down- the same rules apply

If you have a popular website, it’s quite reasonable to believe that you are already represented on this hot thing called “Pinterest”. And that’s good- it’s free traffic!
First things first: users there love fresh, good and relevant content. Easy- the same rules as on other social networks.
What should you do now?
Find out what kind of pictures are “pinned” to Pinterest from your website until this point. Here: That’ll help you determine what your visitors value most & on what you should focus when using Pinterest.
Next up: I can’t stress this enough- don’t set up account if you’re not ready to spend time on keeping it updated & content curation.
If you believe that your content is worth pinning, add “Pin it!” buttons to your website, that’ll work much better than promoting, keeping up & updating your account. Let your site visitors do the work for you. The pin button will work as call to action and will let you see if your users agree with you on fact that your content is “pinteresting”.
If you decide to create account, be sure that:
You’ll have content (with pretty pictures) for frequent updates to your streams (called boards) and they will be relevant
You’ll not get tired of pinning after one month- nobody wants you to see you quit like you did in Google+
There is no better way to use your resources (time & work)

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Māris Antons

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