April 14, 2013

Facebook bug lets page admins to message users from Facebook pages



It’s actually pretty simple – if you are an admin of a Facebook page, all you have to do is – start chat with anyone via that small chat box at the bottom of your browser, then open a new tab, navigate to a page you manage, choose the option “Use Facebook as [your page]”, go back to the tab where you have your chat open and send another message – your friend has received a message from your page and it’s in his/her inbox (“Other”).

I came upon this by a lucky coincidence – I was messaging with a friend who is also a brand representative and just by accident I noticed that there is a new message in my Facebook “Other” mailbox.

I had received a message from a page of which my friend is an administrator and to make things more interesting – I had never messaged the page and I hadn’t even “Liked” it.

How to send a message to Facebook user from a Facebook page

A little investigation and I found out how this was possible. Here is a step–by–step walk–through if anyone wants to test this.

1st step – have an open chat-box


2nd step – in a new tab, start using Facebook as a page


This tab will now refresh and it’ll look like it should – as when you use Facebook as page. Like this:


3rd step – return to the previous tab and use the chat box to send a message


Now this person has a message from page in his inbox (in the one which is labeled as “Other”). I asked my friend to take a screenshot:


And this is how it looks from page’s message section:


That’s it. Now, troll your friends. ;)

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