Facebook events is a half-baked product – here’s why

I love Facebook events. They let me and my friends to create and organize events, to keep track of any changes etc. Also, Facebook events are a great tool for our clients who organize various kinds of activities.

That said, Facebook events are terrible for events that last longer than a day or are a recurring. 

  • The first problem with this is that when I mark that I’m going to an art-exhibition, the event shows up in both my facebook web-based and my sunrise calendar (syncs with facebook) as an all day event for months. Usually I fight the urge for a while, but at one point I just change my status from “maybe” or “going” to “not going”.
  • Second problem comes up when I’m working on client accounts that are, for example, similar to theater. Creating the identical event for each evening is a tough task on its own, but the loss is that every theater lover only sees the friends as attendees if they’re coming on the same evening. This limits their knowledge of other friends who might have seen the same play on different day – therefore disabling any chances of extra word of mouth.