Idea: Localmind, Color and Foursquare would have a pretty baby


Idea behind Color actually was pretty cool. I just think that posting photos was a bit too much too soon. Text updates would have been more subtle choice. Photos are the next step after that.

Foursquare, on the other hand, is pretty good at local & showing where are your friends. The thing they don’t do too well- local conversations about relevant & real-time topics. Sure, there are tips for places and commenting option for check-ins, but they don’t perform well if someone wants to ask what’s going on and where’s the best spot for, for example, watching a live concert.

That’s Localmind‘s strong suite. You get local knowledge from people who know their way around. Just like hashtags help people discuss variety of topics, location is a great way to organize conversations as well. Or local event.

Combine these three and you get local real-time conversations. They just might be relevant & interesting. Like a local bulletin board.

Do you agree?