Ignoring negative feedback on social media

At this point this should be a no-brainer. Yet so many companies and businesses choose not to address complaints on social media. One might ask — why is it so wrong?

While social media as a communication channel offers vast opportunities, it also offers big threats. As mentioned in previous sentence — it’s a communications channel. Would you risk not picking up the phone or not answering e-mails? I hope not.

In age of e-mail and (even further in past) phone only the closest and nearest people of your unsatisfied customers would find out about their experience with you. 

In age of social media potential reach of negative messages, posts, blog posts, tweets, photos, videos or any other kind of shareable content is unparalleled with any other kind of communication means of past. 

Not being present on social media doesn’t solve this. So better get involved, man up and be someone worth doing business with!