Retweet ≠ Thank You

Yes, you have had a great event and those overwhelmingly positive comments about you are pouring in with no intention to stop. Or, a customer of yours has had a really great experience involving your brand. I’m really glad for you. It’s ok to want to share your happyness with world, but sorry to disappoint you- retweeting every one of those reviews isn’t the way.

Here’s why:

  • You annoy the hell out of people who follow you
  • You make yourself seem self-centered
  • A simple reply with simple and sincere “Thank you” will do the trick

There is no need to try to sell yourself to your followers, they already follow you, you got them- now prove you are worthy of their attention. No, retweeting messages like “Hey, @yourbrandname are the greatest!!!” isn’t it.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t retweet any mentions at all. If, for example, your customer is positively surprised because he/she has found that your product has application beyond those you have specified, or tweet includes other kinds of added value (specific information), you should retweet it- it might help your existing customers/followers.

So, choose visely and ask yourself a question: “Is this retweet going to help or entertain any of my followers?”