This works: Bike

This is the first post in a series in where I’ll tell about things/concepts that I use to get things done both at work and other areas of my life. I have a bad feeling that this’ll lead to a line of posts about iPhone apps, but I hope that you’ll stick with me in this journey, trying to beat that hunch.

I’ve had this pretty thing for a little bit more than a week and this is the real deal. No more depending on bus schedule, great mobility and other features make this the perfect mean of transportation for the city. Each morning’s 5km to work, then back and some other trips have added up to 108km in the first week. This also might be the solution to my “not-enough-exercise” problem. Try one, bikes are great!

Also, having a fixie bike is a neat topic for sparking a conversation.

This is the picture that should make you think: