Top5 myths on Facebook communication

No surprises – well known truths put in 5 points with short explanations attached.

One of the most important indicators is number of fans/followers

Number of fans has lost any real connection to the number of reachable audiences. FB page owners will reach as much people as he/she will be willing to pay for to Facebook ad platform.

Engagement is a good thing.

No. Can you imagine a company that would be glad to see an increase in incoming service calls so that they need to hire more employees to handle the extra load? I don’t think so, either. It’s good if people interact by liking and sharing information, but questions – no, thanks.

Social media is free

By not paying for audiences on Facebook, brands are actually talking to themselves since no one sees them in their news streams.

You have to publish something at least once a day

Create less content, spend more on reaching people with the content you already have. If something is advertised, users will see it in their news streams a couple of times throughout the week.

Post have to be published regularly and on set times

Post when you want, advertise your content and users will see it when they log in on Facebook.