Where Twitter beats Foursquare in local pt.2

Local campaigns to get the word out about business or event

Campaign or everyday activity including a well-designed hashtag can create much bigger buzz than foursquare special. Of course, rewarding loyal customers or delivering specials is foursquare’s strong suit, but they’ll have to keep innovating to prove that they are as good as twitter in getting the word out about new place, event or anything else that’s local. It is by default that foursquare isn’t great at generating buzz and social conversations and sharing. They have much less users and their network is built that way.

I just would like to show you these two campaigns. And while they both are one of my favorite case-studies, it’s clearly visible, that there is a point in creating a campaign for local event (or offer) on twitter. You just have to be smart about it.

Granata Pet – Snack Check
Fox at Planeta Terra

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