You don’t have to be on social media to reap its benefits


At first it might sound strange. Even ridiculous. But it’s not. Not always the best social media strategy is to be on social media. Of course, it helps to have your own communications channel, to grow your regular audience and to have a place where your customers can speak directly to you. But this post is about other kinds of use of social media. 

Remember Old Spice videos? Yeah, you do. Everybody does. Not everybody follows their social media accounts though. Even less people followed their social media accounts before that. They just became the topic that everyone talks about. They created engaging content on youtube that went viral everywhere. Those videos were surprising, made people laugh and fall in love with those guys. 
Takeaway: It doesn’t matter where you create content. What matters is if your content engages people. If it is shareable and great, people will share it. Content can be offline too — it will find it’s way onto interwebs. Just make sure that it will be inviting enough for someone to post a picture of it on twitter.

Reward people for sharing your content, not making them follow you. That’s what social media is actually about — the chance to reach friends of your existing customers. Why? Because there’s a good chance that they have similar tastes for things, similar hobbies and similar needs. That’s a pretty straightforward way of doing things, but it works. Just give a little incentive, ask nicely and test it in action. 
Takeaway: in some cases you actually don’t need to create content at all. Just give something in return for a recommendation.

This isn’t definitive. Social media is great to connect with your customers. But tweeting picture of your business front door daily might be not the best way how to attract new customers. Think.