Post privacy gating for Facebook pages

This is a feature that mimics Facebook ad targeting for your page’s everyday posts. It can come in as pretty handy, when you have message which might be interesting for a limited audience or shouldn’t be seen by anyone outside of it) — for example, just people in an exact […]

marts 17, 2013

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Idea for online music services

And for other things as well.  Usually, when I’m at work, I listen to online radios and streaming services like Pandora & 8tracks. The music stream is endless and what I’ve noticed about myself when a lot of times during the day my listening is being interrupted. The interesting thing […]

februāris 7, 2013

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My Instagram’s tipping point

Not so long ago (in the middle of December) Instagram changed their “Terms of Service” which created a massive uproar between users and media. A lot of users and even brands threatened to leave the service. Some really did leave (National Geographic, for example). This wasn’t the first time Instagram […]

februāris 4, 2013

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This is why friend lists/groups/circles don’t work

Just lately* more and more of my friends have started to use Facebook more and there is one pretty interesting trend that has got me thinking about bigger things on how social networks operate — my friends are creating one FB group after another and the same happens with FB […]

janvāris 1, 2013

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Has Facebook devalued its own features?

As a marketer I’m always following shifts in social media and other digital channels. I’ve always been a big fan of content marketing, but for know it seems that content marketing is and should be moving away from social networks (in this article it’s more about Facebook). Let me give […]

decembris 18, 2012

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Twitter vs. Instagram – why it doesn’t make any sense

There has been some speculating on why this is happening and what consequences this might bring for twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Last week I also commented on this matter for Latvian PR news outlet – It started as a somewhat logical action from the twitter – they removed their […]

decembris 17, 2012

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Fill your profile information

This should go without saying, but I still see a lot of bad examples out there. From time to time I check my follower list and sometimes it really surprises me how many words some company use just to tell nothing.  “We sell clothes”, “we organize events” or “we fix […]

novembris 5, 2012

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