Twitter has added new (and very nice) background formatting options

Yeah, for some time we have struggled to understand, how much space we have on twitter’s background for use of passing on various kind of information. Since the background images have been fixed to the left side of browser’s window, it hasn’t been an easy task. There was no “one size fits all” option.  Now, […]

decembris 26, 2012

Has Facebook devalued its own features?

As a marketer I’m always following shifts in social media and other digital channels. I’ve always been a big fan of content marketing, but for know it seems that content marketing is and should be moving away from social networks (in this article it’s more about Facebook). Let me give you a few points to […]

decembris 18, 2012

Twitter vs. Instagram – why it doesn’t make any sense

There has been some speculating on why this is happening and what consequences this might bring for twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Last week I also commented on this matter for Latvian PR news outlet – It started as a somewhat logical action from the twitter – they removed their integration in the popular photo […]

decembris 17, 2012

Iemesli, kāpēc Tev vajadzētu nobalsot par #AtrastsInterneta


Iesākumā atzīšos, ka pazīstu raidījuma (jeb šova, kā viņi paši sevi dēvē) veidotājus. Vai drīzāk – zinu viņus, esam paziņas. Lai arī piektdienu vakaros un uz ielas sveicinamies, par “Atrasts internetā” ar viņiem īsti runājis neesmu. Atzīšos arī, ka man ļoti patīk tas, ko viņi dara un es ar visām četrām viņus atbalstu. Zemāk daži […]

novembris 18, 2012

Fill your profile information

This should go without saying, but I still see a lot of bad examples out there. From time to time I check my follower list and sometimes it really surprises me how many words some company use just to tell nothing.  “We sell clothes”, “we organize events” or “we fix your homes” will suffice. Don’t […]

novembris 5, 2012

1. Write 2. Put one word after another. Find the right word, put it down. 3. Finish what you’re writing. Whatever you have to do to finish it, finish it. 4. Put it aside. Read it pretending you’ve never read it before. Show it to friends whose opinion you respect and who like the kind […]

oktobris 7, 2012

When asked how companies could improve customer service, 17% of 16-24 and 25-34 year-old asked for faster response times on Twitter. Across all age groups, an average of 25% want companies to post video demonstrations, tutorials, and instructions. Why Do Customers Use Social Networks for Customer Service? Because They Can… – Brian Solis

oktobris 3, 2012

AMC Theatres vs. Oreo – everybody won

What started off like a simple (can’t find the right word) question Gained attention of someone involved & earned a witty answer Which had to be complimented And then came the best part (of this conversation) That’s it. That’s how even big and established brands can be funny & relevant without going too far. At […]

oktobris 1, 2012 “runā” bilžu albumi

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 20.22.46

Jau dažas dienas (skatos, ka šonedēļ palaista fīča) visas “runā” bildes tiek liktas vienā albumā, kurš saucas “Runā bildes”. Tas forši. Būtībā tas pats, kas facebook “Wall photos” albums. Tāpat tiekot gatavota fīča, kas izveidos “runā” ziņu, ja kādā vecākā albumā tiks pievienota jauna bilde. Patīkami, ka ieklausās un strādā, lai palīdzētu zīmoliem […]

septembris 30, 2012

Consumer-tracking service NPD says TV sets are now the most popular way to watch streaming video. NPD says 45 percent of consumers report that TV is now their primary Web video screen, up from 33 percent last year. It basically swapped places with the PC, which used to account for 48 percent of viewing but […]

septembris 30, 2012